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Deborah Hall Tax Support Services deal's with all aspects of personal taxation:

Employment / Pensions

I can review and inform you of the tax implications of cashing in pensions, if you are over 55. I can help employed people with claiming repayments, changing/reviewing tax codes, and arranging repayment schedules if money is owed to HMRC. Also I can review benefits and expenses and assist you in declaring or claiming them. I regularly get involved in dispute cases and take these cases on for clients, if you disagree with an HMRC decision. I deal with the implications of receiving lump sums of money for example claiming pensions and knowing what your tax bill will be each year and what money you will have left to budget with.

Self Employment

I can assist with the setting up of a self employed business and explain good record keeping practices. I complete Tax Returns or I can show you how to do this, explaining what information and documents you must keep in order complete a Tax Return and be satisfactory for HMRC requirements. I can give you an overview of what expenses and capital allowances that you can claim in your line of work. I also deal with disputes, late Tax Returns and appealing penalties and surcharges. I can give you an overview of the national insurance and tax payments you need to make, as a self employed person, and explain when and how you pay this.

Landlords, Foster Carers & Subcontractors

These categories have slightly different tax rules on what you can and can’t claim, expense wise, and how you declare your income and expenses. I can explain these systems to you or just take over your tax affairs for you and explain what paperwork I need in order to do this.

Child Benefit and Tax Credits

I can assist you with claiming child benefit and/or tax credits. As an agent, I have different contacts in these departments, so I can contact them more easily, on your behalf. I also deal with disputes and complaints regarding these benefits.

As part of being your regular agent (I charge £200 annual agent fee) I can inform you on the implications the budget changes have on you, personally.

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Deborah Hall Tax Support Services

Deborah Hall Tax Support Services

Tax Advisor

With over a decade’s experience in personal taxation, whatever level of assistance you want. Deborah Hall Tax Support Services can offer one off or regular help by becoming your Agent.

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Deborah Hall Tax Support Services

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